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AWS Training in Hyderabad

Amazon Web Services which is more popular as AWS is currently the leading cloud based service provider. It has gained reputation as the most secured cloud service platform offering on-demand cloud services for compute power, database storage, content delivery and several other services to help the businesses grow. The number of companies relying on cloud based services offered by AWS is far higher than its competitors. This has led to the rise in demand for the skilled & certified cloud experts in AWS especially in India.

This is the perfect time to step into the job market of AWS. Be a part of Open Source Technologies advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program & take the chance to get trained by AWS cloud industry experts. As a part of our AWS training program, you will get to master knowledge of MI Creation, EBS Persistent Storage, Amazon Storage Services S3, Route 53, AWS EC2 and AWS S3 Instances and further such advanced topics involving AWS.

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About The AWS Training Program:

Open Source Technologies offers the best rated AWS Training In Hyderabad program for all the AWS career enthusiasts. This program aims to build real-world skills & hands-on knowledge of all the core applications involving AWS. Successful completion of our AWS training program will make the students capable to deploy highly scalable applications on platform of AWS with ease.

Most of the top-notch companies like Netflix, Unilever, Adobe & Airbnb & several start-ups are relying on AWS for their cloud needs. The growing demand for AWS has given rise to several high paying job roles like AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Professional, AWS Certified Developer-Associate and more. This advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program is the perfect choice to begin with to excel in AWS cloud career.

What Will Be The AWS Training Course Objectives?

The prime objective of our AWS Course In Hyderabad program is to transform our students into becoming complete career ready cloud industry experts in AWS. So as part of our AWS training course curriculum, we have covered all the essential aspects of AWS which the industry requires. So students will be learning the concepts right from the very beginning to the core.

The major set of course objectives of our institutes AWS Training In Hyderabad program are

  • A detailed understanding of AWS architecture
  • Knowledge in the AMI creation and also EBS persistent storage
  • Get to know how to use Amazon storage services S3, Route 53, aws ec2 and aws s3
  • Build knowledge of in Visualization of Amazon scaling services and auto scaling
  • Learn how to manage AWS resources life cycle
  • Gain expertise in AWS architecture and design with best practices
  • Real Time Industry-Based Projects

Targeted Audiences For AWS Training Program:

Our advanced cloud based learning program of AWS Course In Hyderabad is mainly meant for all the cloud career enthusiasts. This program enables participants to get transformed into complete job-ready AWS experts by the time of their course completion. Also, as we will be covering the concepts from the very beginning, this makes our course ideal for both job seekers & as well for professionals who are working in other technologies but are planning to shift in to cloud industry.

The major targeted audience for this advanced AWS Training In Hyderabad program are

  • Cloud Career Enthusiasts
  • Database Administrators
  • Solution Designer Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Degree Holders & Job Seekers
  • End Users

Pre-Requisites For AWS Training:

AWS Course In Hyderabad program by our Open Source Technologies doesn’t require any major pre-requisites. However, for a better understanding of the concepts which are explained in the AWS training program, participants who attain prior knowledge of the following concepts will be of great help

  • Having a clear idea of the distributed systems will help
  • Also, knowledge of the concepts of Multi-tier architectures will help

About Open Source Technologies AWS Training Certification:

Open Source Technologies is currently the best rated training institute for cloud based AWS Training In Hyderabad. Registering for this program will benefit you a lot as you will be trained from the hands of industry experts in AWS. Also, the certification which is delivered to the students who have successfully completion their course will be helping them a lot in their job quest. Students will also be getting assistance in resume preparation & as well as interview scheduling & preparation through mock interviews. This is surely the best cloud based career program of AWS Training In Hyderabad.

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