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Amazon AWS Latest Update Now Helps Its Customers By Alerting Them Whenever They’re Overpaying

Amazon web-based companies AWS which has so far been highly dominant innovation in the sphere cloud computing has now come up with the latest update which helps its customers by alerting them whenever they are overpaying for the services which they haven’t used. This feature is surely going to be of a great help for the IT departments which heavily rely on cloud services.

This latest feature of Amazon AWS is catching the eyeballs of millions of cloud users across the globe. This feature is surely set to help the AWS to overpower it ahead of the other cloud computing giants involving Google & Microsoft.

Here’s How The AWS Latest Feature Comes Into The Game Play:

Here’s The Actual Problem: If an organization install a bunch of virtual machines which don’t get used much on a regular basis then it becomes a nightmare in the perspective of security risk and effective management. And in the same way, if you start paying for a number of cloud services which doesn’t get used on a full scale then it sums up to a huge loss causing an even much bigger crisis compared to the earlier situation.

Here’s The Best Solution AWS Has Come Up With Its Latest Feature:

Having recognized the intensity of the problem AWS has launched a program that alerts its customers whenever they are paying full charges when they had a low utilization of cloud services. This will help them to deactivate the cloud servers and thus save the company from paying for what they haven’t used.

AWS Emerging As The Dominant Cloud Service Provider:

If believed to the recent stats it AWS has launched over 1,000 new features in 2016 and over 1,600 new features have been launched so far in 2017.

Among the global cloud users over 65% considered AWS as the trusted cloud enterprise thus dominating the other cloud giants like Microsoft, IBM & Google.

Sky Rocketing Demand For AWS Cloud Professionals:

Looking at the way AWS is emerging out as a dominant force in cloud computing one can easily estimate the extent of benefits for career progress in this highly dominant professional field.

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