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Getting an Amazon Web Services Certification is like an entry to many high paying jobs. This certification will clear the lows in once a professional career by making it stagnant. Let us know the top AWS Certification Jobs that an IT Professional Could get.

AWS Cloud Architect:

They will be responsible to supply make implementation efforts and technical architectures while making sure that the interspersion of new innovations is being adopted.

Operational Support Engineer

An Operational Support Engineer is meant for monitoring and getting to resolve any operational issues reported with a respective company’s tooling. They also coordinate with environment upgrades.

Average Annual Salary: $59,000-$92,000 

  • Cloud Developer

Cloud developers will take care of the software services and enterprise-level applications.

  •  Cloud DevOps Engineer:

A Cloud DevOps Engineer monitor code releases working on multiple tasks. He works with various positions like system operators, software developers and also with the production technical team.

  • AWS Networking Specialist

They are responsible to structure and process advanced or hybrid networking projects.

  • AWS System Integrator:

This job role is responsible for those who have good expertise in the Amazon Web Services platform and who could troubleshoot and deploy applications.

  • AWS SysOps Administrator

The responsibility of this job role is for the effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of virtual systems, software, and related infrastructures. They also maintain analytics software and design special dashboards for reporting.

  • Average annual salary: $111,000 – $160,000  

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