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Aspirants who are preparing towards clearing their Blockchain interview rounds can now be benefited a lot from this post. We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked interview questions on Blockchain. Going through this post will be giving you clear knowledge & confident to attend & successfully clear the interview process with ease.

What is Blockchain?

The Blockchain can be simply defined as a decentralized distributed database of immutable records. Blockchain has gain prominence with the advent of Bitcoin-based digital transactions. Being open-source & highly secured makes Blockchain as the best-trusted source for carrying out secure transactions

What Are The Properties Of Blockchain?

Blockchain has four major properties which are

  • Decentralized Systems
  • Distributed ledger
  • Safer & Secure Ecosystem
  • Minting

Why Is Blockchain A Trusted Approach?

Blockchain is best trusted because

  • Being open-source in nature makes it well compatible with other business applications
  • Its transparency level and security are nearly unprecedented
  • Implementation of Blockchain can enhance the efficiency and speed
  • It is safe and hack-proof

Using Blockchain Is It Possible To Remove One Or More Block From The Networks?

Yes, we can remove blocks from the network & this is seen in the cases where only a specific portion of this online ledger is to be considered. With the help of default options and filters, this can easily be done without making a lot of efforts.

  • What is Cryptocurrency?

Crypto currencies are the digital assets which are being used as a medium of exchange for financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies makes use of Blockchain technology to maintain transparency, decentralization, and immutability.

In General What Type Of Records Can Be Stored In The Blockchain?

Using Blockchain we can store almost any record that has a value to it. Here below is the list

  • Transaction processing
  • Identity management
  • Events related to organizations
  • Management activities
  • Records of heath care transactions & several others

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