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As we know that AWS shared a mutual responsibility model in terms of security. It will protect the infrastructure of the cloud, which includes hardware and software in AWS services. AWS resource gives access to the other security of your application.

Here is an overview of AWS security features you’ll need to keep your cloud secure.

  1. Identity Access Management (IAM)

IAM is a free feature of AWS that lets you manage what users have access to what services and resources. Access to resources is denied by default, so you’ll have to grant users permissions in IAM. Permissions are incredibly granular, allowing you to specify the resource a user can access, what they can do with the resource.

  • S3 Security

The Amazon Storage Service, or S3 Security, provides data storage with high durability and availability. Like other services, S3 denies access from most sources by default. Object owners have read/write access by default. Be sure to lock down your S3 security to prevent unauthorized users from viewing, uploading, or deleting your files.

  • Security Groups

Elastic Cloud Compute, or EC2, instances are the servers on which your application is run. Each server lives inside a Virtual Private Cloud, a virtual network you control. These Security Groups associated with the determine traffic that can or cannot enter your VPC. Security groups also let you specify the type of request (HTTP, SSH, etc.), the port range, and the source of traffic.

  • CloudTrail

CloudTrail isn’t a service directly affecting your application, but a tool used for tracking user activity, demonstrating compliance, and performing security analysis. It creates records to review the activity. The built-in feature AWS offers enable you to monitor and protect your organization’s digital assets.

 The AWS power helps to determine the security features to employ and who has access to them is in your hands. All the data kept stored securely on the cloud, with unique security requirements remain under your control.

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