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DevOps Corporate Training

“Open Source Technologies” delivering DevOps Corporate Training will help the organizations overcome the skill gap among the employees in relation to working on diverse strategic & business development applications of DevOps. Our evolved corporate training program will help your employees build knowledge of advanced DevOps strategic applications like Configuration Management, Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Software Delivery & more.

“Our Team Of Excellence Helps Your Team Become Centre Of Excellence In Handling DevOps Functionalities”

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Organizations which avail our institutes DevOps Corporate Training for reducing the skill gap of their team or a specific group of individuals can surely ensure at availing enhanced productivity margins through greatly improved DevOps skill sets among their employees.

Tools Covered Under The Course

We cover all the advanced & most extensively used toolsets of DevOps under our DevOps Corporate Training program. Working knowledge of these tools will surely be helping the employees to make the most of this dominant technology of DevOps & help in driving maximum profit margins to their organizations through greatly improved productivity levels.

WThe major tools of DevOps that are included in our training program are

  • Git
  • Docker
  • Chef
  • Jenkins
  • Monit
  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Nagios and more

Outcomes Of Our DevOps Corporate Training:

Through our advanced DevOps Corporate Training Program, the employees will be able to acquire knowledge of all the end-to-end applications of DevOps, its fundamentals & advanced concepts like Agile & Scrum methodologies.

By availing our “Open Source Technologies” DevOps Corporate Training, the organizational employees will become expert in handling various job roles of DevOps which mainly include

  • DevOps evangelist
  • DevOps Release Manager
  • DevOps Automation Expert
  • DevOps Quality Assurance Expert
  • DevOps Software Developer/Tester
  • DevOps Security Engineer

Open Source Technologies-The Leaders Of Innovative Global DevOps Corporate Training

Build the best set of corporate & IT organizational skill sets in relation to DevOps among your employees by availing our institutes highly advanced DevOps Corporate Training. Our real-time domain experts will be taking care of imparting all the advanced DevOps skills sets & hands-on application knowledge among the employees through complete real-time approach.

Availing our “Open Source Technologies” DevOps Corporate Training will surely benefit your organization by diminishing the skill gap that drives improved productivity margins.

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